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Harry Potter.. Goblet of Fire [entries|friends|calendar]
The Ulimate Crossover ... Fanfiction

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(Goblet of Fire)

ULT 2 [21 Sep 2005|12:32pm]


(1lord of the ring | Goblet of Fire)

ULTIMATE CROSSOVER PART 1 [13 Apr 2005|05:27pm]

[ mood | amused ]

This is my first post. This peice was composed by Me, my friend suke and my other friend sara as a guest writer. It is one of those crossover stories where you could only read the last line, so most of the story makes no sense. But I think it is very enjoyable. Enjoy!! Oh and incase it matter i would rate this a PG13

One day while Isabell was working at the Crashdown café, her brother Michael came in with some surprising news. " I saw Max with some other grl" -Michael. "Well it is about time, he never does anything without thinking of Liz"- Iz. " Yeah but what about Liz"- Michael. "What about her she is at college" - Iz " Oh yeah I forgot, well anyway what are you up to?"- Michael. " Michael, I'm working."- Iz. " Right... well I'm going to go buy some silly string." - Michael. " That's right, he deserves what's coming to him"- Lucy " After what he did to us, he's lucky that's all he's getting."-Rachel " I'll come wit you, you need all the help you can get, Michael"- Malcolm " Okay, we will commence at 8:00 sharp tomorrow"-Michael.

The next day at Crashdown the whole gang met up. While they were eating thier chips with tapasco sauce a stranger walked in. " Hello all I'm Draco Malfoy" " You got any good pubs around here? Me and my buddy Gollum has been searching for one." "What the hell?" Iz said. " Do me Draco"- Max. " Max for the last time, I'm not gay!! Just because I did that one time, doesn't mean I like guys. I love the ladies , so get off me!!"- Draco " Finally!"- Striperella " Draco, you've broken my heart just now. I have no choice but to take the side of the enemy." -Max " Oh Max, don't go that was just a reflex reaction! Max I LOVE YOU!!!..." -Draco. " Draco, how dare you, I thought you loved me!" -Gollum " Is it true? You really love me?"- Max " Yes, let's run away and elope tonite!!"- Draco " MAX!!!"- Liz. " What?" " I still love you, I only went away with Kyle because I got scared."- Liz " Ok how about we all go watch jeperdy at Frodo's house ok."-Iz

"We can't, I killed Frodo and stole all his Jeopary tapes."- Gollum " Gollum! Why do you always have to kill people? And you probably broke the tapes!"- Erkle " Gollum never breaks the tapes, Master Frodo just didn't trust Gollum."- Gollum. " Well now what will we do? We've got 4 hours until the bomb goes off and I am TIRED of all our wild orgies! I just wanted to watch 4 hours of Jepardy! You guys are always taking away my pleasures!"- Harry " Oh Harry, SHUT UP! After our last one I'm never inviting you to an orgy afain! SO stop whinning!"- Leatherface " Where the hell did he come from?"- Michael " I like the little ones."-Leatherface. " I bet you do"- Max " Haha. I hid Master in my closet. Master needs to be more careful. Always questioning me. Gollum never does anything."- Gollum. " Gollum SHIT UP, toy aren't helping anyone."- Liz. " I'm hungry for some little hobbitsm where's that fat one?" Gollum < knocking sound> " What in sam hell is that?"- Sam

"It's me FRODO!" " I swear you throw a hobbit off a clift and what does he do? He comes back."- Gollum. " You tried to kill me"- Frodo " NO master I would never hurt master."- Gollum < Leatherface is mocking Gollum > " I'm tired of you two being so goddamn immature!"- Cinderella " What? We weren't doing anything!"- Leatherface. " For the love od jesus! Just stop! Dear Christ, let's jsut get back to the game, you mofos!"- Cartman. " I'm tired of strip poker, I wanna play bingo!"- Mr. Rogers "Oh bingo is no fun. I wanna play strip poker with you Mr. Rogers"- Miss Piggy. " Keep your pants off Mr. Rogers, you pork chop! He's mine."- Legalos

"But I saw him first."- Nightcrawler. " Nightcrawler, you aren't even gay!"- Legalos. " So i jsut want a friend."- NightCrawler. " We are all your friends."- Everyone. " Really?? I feel so loved." N.C. "Well we better be off, anyone see Rogue?"- Bobby " UM,I think she went to Gandalf's place."- Storm. " Why? She was suppose to meet me for lunch."- Bobby. " Face it man, she's not coming. Why don't you just take me instead?"- Blair Witch. " The answer is in the question, Blair."- Iceman. After shedding a few tears, the Blair Witch left the party. Feeling rather guilty, Iceman drowned his sorrow in a glass of spiked punch.

" Well that was refreshing."- Iceman. " I see that is was."- Logan. " Woah, where did you come from?"- Iceman. " Behind the counter, you know you shouldn't be drinking, it impairs your mind."- Logan. " Then why are you?"- Bobby. " Because I am more trained."- Logan. " Well that sucks."-Bobby. " Hi Bobby. I was looking for you, Hermonie wanted me to help her with mind tricks." Rogue." I was worried about you Rogue!"- Bobby. " Well now that, that was an orgasmic bliss of love. Bobby and Rogue come with me to meet the master."- Logan.

"If the master means what I think it means Logan, then I am going to hvae to pass. I've met the Master already and I am trying to put it all behind me, in the past."-Bobby. " Then I'm not going either."- Rogue. As Bobby and Rogue make out furiously, Logan looks around sadly for someone to meet his master.

"Oh, Ariel!!"- Logan. " Logan!"- Ariel. " What are you doing here?"- Logan " Visiting Rogue, she asked me to come."- Ariel. " Why???? You know u aren't safe here."- Lorgan. " I know but she said it was an emergancy."- Ariel. " Rogue come downstairs right now."- Logan. " < Rogue and Bobby come downstairs > "What is it?" Rogue and Bobby ask. " Why did you ask Ariel to come to the school, you know it’s dangerous for her to be here.”- Logan. “ I heard she could help me with my powers, so I could control water if I needed to.”- Rogue. “ You won’t need to, I’ll protect you.”- Bobby. “Aww, Bobby.”- Rogue.

“ Let’s have sex!”- Rogue. “ Oh No, not again!”- Logan. Logan once again felt like the 3rd wheel. To make himself feel better, he decided to go hang out with the 3 charlie’s angels. “ Ladies! Care to make my sorrows float away like last time?”- Logan. “ How would you like us to do it?”- Alex.

“ Anyway you would want to do it.:”- Michael. “ I thought you were still at Crashdown!”- Draco. “ Oh no, I traveled this far to see my man Bobby!”- Michael. “ Well now that we have saved the world once again from our passionate lives let’s head towards China to save those Asians.”-Logan. “ No, they don’t need out saving.”- Freddy. “ That’s true, I don’t like going all the way to Asia just to save some Chinaman.”- Logan. “ Let’s go to Disney World instead!”- Jason. “ Alright, it’s a plan! X-men, hobbits, wisards, killer people, Mermiad slut let’s go!”- Logan.



(Goblet of Fire)

hello all [06 Apr 2005|03:43pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

sorry its been so long. i am in the process of looking for the very first ult. crossover. when i find it and hopefully thats soon i will post it!!
~megs~ aka ~candy~

(Goblet of Fire)

i decided to post this here just to share [25 Mar 2005|05:44pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

well i had a wild and crazy dream last night!!
Like all these classmates of mine were kidnapped by these crazy guys and they kept us in this woody place. basicall we had to keep quiet about most stuff or you would "disappear" or they killed you and everyone else would have to throw your body or what was left of it on this circular pile. after a lot of people were dying off we gathered flowers and put them around the circle of people and let it on fire. Thats when i met this super great guy and happenly enough his name was travis. looked like him too:) lol. anyway yeah so we started dating but it was more hush hush bc the guy people might get mad but everyone at the camp knew. then a couple months later travis dissapears and i am like where could he be. i fiqure he was killed so i just mourned a lot. then one day a captain of his comes and says he escaped and tried to come back for me but couldnt or he would have been killed. so i decided i had to go to him. we had a meeting that night with the bad guys and i got my courage up and as soon as the head guy was about to ride off i kicked him off his horse, got on and set out for travis. evidently travis' captain got word and told him so he went looking for me and when he found me , i was pretty beatin up. so he took me back to his place which he found out was an abdandoned castle. i got better and we lived happy and very happy. so this dream was mighty scary but it ended up good:-) except when my friends kept dying off.

(3lord of the rings | Goblet of Fire)

this is from morgan [24 Mar 2005|08:04pm]

[ mood | flirty ]

[Unknown LJ tag]morgan's application [24 Mar 2005|07:57pm]

[ mood | flirty ]

Name: Morgan Katrina Lotz
Age: 15
Sign: aquarius
Location: my basement
Hobbies: don’t know
Song: barbie girl- aqua
TV Show: CSI, one tree hill
Band/Singer: Josh Groban, Maroon 5
Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean.
Magazine & Book: Seventeen magazine book… I dunno
Food & Drink: I like water… food would be something like chocolate
Candy: sweet tarts
Store: American Eagle
Clothing Item: skirt
Make-up Item: eyeliner
Jewelry Item: hoop earrings
Clothing & Make-up Brand: Clinique
What Would You Do If
...your boyfriend cheated on you? Cheat on him. (all is fair in love and war)
...you broke a nail in the middle of the day? Pull out my nail file
...your skirt got caught in your underwear and alot of people saw? Umm it’s happened a lot. i try to laugh it off
...got your period without notice? Call my mom to take me home... that's like the best get out of school excuse
...we rejected you? I would cry and start my own club! jk
Your Style
Post a picture of your normal every day outfit. It can be you wearing it or images off the internet. Top, bottom, and shoes are all you need.
More About You
You are given $1000 to spend on girly items ONLY. Where do you go and what do you get? Screw that I would buy a hot tub
Where do you see yourself 15 years from now? I’d be 30….. umm probably a hot husband and a kid
What's the meaning of your screen name? Centralchic2290- I go 2 central, im a girl, and my birthday and MissgreenMnM08- miss cuz im a girl. GreenMNM cuz they make u horny and my graduating class
What do you do on the weekends?chill
Post a picture of someone you think is girly (be creative...NO Jessica or Paris!): fabio!
Why do you want to be a member here? Cuz megan made me one
What makes you girly? (and don't half ass this)- I have a vagina and am fully capable of PMS. And I love shoe shopping
How did you find us? megan [Unknown LJ tag]

(2lord of the rings | Goblet of Fire)

this is hot [24 Mar 2005|05:08pm]

[ mood | amused ]

now i am not saying lets all post our quiz results here, maybe just one each.

You scored as Summer. You are SUMMER. Life is to be -lived-.. dance, sing, and make merry. Adversity is simply something to overcome. You embrace life with both arms, not only because you love it, but to squeeze out of it all that you can.










What Season Are You?
created with QuizFarm.com

(1lord of the ring | Goblet of Fire)

[13 Mar 2005|09:36pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

like omg i have members.and so all of you know my application i am going to fill it out yay:)

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(1lord of the ring | Goblet of Fire)

application! [11 Mar 2005|10:08pm]

[ mood | awake ]

app!!Collapse )

(Goblet of Fire)

hey bitches [11 Mar 2005|06:58pm]

[ mood | amused ]

EVERYONE PLEASE JOIN. I * candy aka megan* is your locally owned manager of this community. if i like you enough which i am sure i will you will be able to post anything you would like. any questions?? give me a holla. P.S. the application if just for fun, so guys have fun with it!!
~ xxxcandyxxx ~

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