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Name: Lydia
Age: 16
Sign: Gemininininini
Location: Champaign, IL
Hobbies: reading, playing clarinet, making cool things, looking at shiny things, spinning in chairs....

Song: "Sugar Sugar" by the Archies
TV Show: Gilmore Girls
Band/Singer: Relient K
Movie: A Hard Day's Night
Magazine & Book: um, Magazine...Buttons & Beads, book...Sloppy Firsts
Food & Drink: sprinkles and Mt. Dew!
Candy: conversation hearts! (my community: yay4candyhearts)
Store: Hobby Lobby!
Clothing Item: my rainbow rainboots
Make-up Item: bright, sparkly eyeliner
Jewelry Item: my dangly, sparkly bow earrings
Clothing & Make-up Brand: um.  whatever fits/looks good on me

What Would You Do If
...your boyfriend cheated on you? dump him.  I deserve better. broke a nail in the middle of the day? oh, come on!  lol, clip it with my handy dandy nail trimmer I carry in my backpack
...your skirt got caught in your underwear and alot of people saw? laugh it off, but I'd secretly be really embarrassed your period without notice? freak out.  I hate it when that happens!
...we rejected you? I'd feel

Your Style
Post a picture of your normal every day outfit. It can be you wearing it or images off the internet. Top, bottom, and shoes are all you need.
  (the blue ones!)

More About You
You are given $1000 to spend on girly items ONLY. Where do you go and what do you get? go to the mall and get all the dresses and shoes I can find that I love!
Where do you see yourself 15 years from now? I want to own my own business - a cookie shop - with my best friend (who's going to be a chef) after I get my college degree in food science engineering
What's the meaning of your screen name? GonzosAsparagus: it's from the episode of The Muppet Show with Paul Simon.  Gonzo steals Paul Simon's song, so Paul steals Gonzo's chickens.  Gonzo comes up with a new obsession - Asparagus.  ta da!
What do you do on the weekends? hang out with friends, go tot church, help my mom out...
Post a picture of someone you think is girly (be creative...NO Jessica or Paris!):
  It's F. Scott Fitzgerald...I've seen a picture of him in drag, he makes a very pretty girl!!

Why do you want to be a member here? Buddy asked me to?  lol
What makes you girly? (and don't half ass this) I have a unique style, I love to dress up and be pretty and funky, and I like sparkly things.  heehee...
How did you find us? my Buddy!

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