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This is my first post. This peice was composed by Me, my friend suke and my other friend sara as a guest writer. It is one of those crossover stories where you could only read the last line, so most of the story makes no sense. But I think it is very enjoyable. Enjoy!! Oh and incase it matter i would rate this a PG13

One day while Isabell was working at the Crashdown café, her brother Michael came in with some surprising news. " I saw Max with some other grl" -Michael. "Well it is about time, he never does anything without thinking of Liz"- Iz. " Yeah but what about Liz"- Michael. "What about her she is at college" - Iz " Oh yeah I forgot, well anyway what are you up to?"- Michael. " Michael, I'm working."- Iz. " Right... well I'm going to go buy some silly string." - Michael. " That's right, he deserves what's coming to him"- Lucy " After what he did to us, he's lucky that's all he's getting."-Rachel " I'll come wit you, you need all the help you can get, Michael"- Malcolm " Okay, we will commence at 8:00 sharp tomorrow"-Michael.

The next day at Crashdown the whole gang met up. While they were eating thier chips with tapasco sauce a stranger walked in. " Hello all I'm Draco Malfoy" " You got any good pubs around here? Me and my buddy Gollum has been searching for one." "What the hell?" Iz said. " Do me Draco"- Max. " Max for the last time, I'm not gay!! Just because I did that one time, doesn't mean I like guys. I love the ladies , so get off me!!"- Draco " Finally!"- Striperella " Draco, you've broken my heart just now. I have no choice but to take the side of the enemy." -Max " Oh Max, don't go that was just a reflex reaction! Max I LOVE YOU!!!..." -Draco. " Draco, how dare you, I thought you loved me!" -Gollum " Is it true? You really love me?"- Max " Yes, let's run away and elope tonite!!"- Draco " MAX!!!"- Liz. " What?" " I still love you, I only went away with Kyle because I got scared."- Liz " Ok how about we all go watch jeperdy at Frodo's house ok."-Iz

"We can't, I killed Frodo and stole all his Jeopary tapes."- Gollum " Gollum! Why do you always have to kill people? And you probably broke the tapes!"- Erkle " Gollum never breaks the tapes, Master Frodo just didn't trust Gollum."- Gollum. " Well now what will we do? We've got 4 hours until the bomb goes off and I am TIRED of all our wild orgies! I just wanted to watch 4 hours of Jepardy! You guys are always taking away my pleasures!"- Harry " Oh Harry, SHUT UP! After our last one I'm never inviting you to an orgy afain! SO stop whinning!"- Leatherface " Where the hell did he come from?"- Michael " I like the little ones."-Leatherface. " I bet you do"- Max " Haha. I hid Master in my closet. Master needs to be more careful. Always questioning me. Gollum never does anything."- Gollum. " Gollum SHIT UP, toy aren't helping anyone."- Liz. " I'm hungry for some little hobbitsm where's that fat one?" Gollum < knocking sound> " What in sam hell is that?"- Sam

"It's me FRODO!" " I swear you throw a hobbit off a clift and what does he do? He comes back."- Gollum. " You tried to kill me"- Frodo " NO master I would never hurt master."- Gollum < Leatherface is mocking Gollum > " I'm tired of you two being so goddamn immature!"- Cinderella " What? We weren't doing anything!"- Leatherface. " For the love od jesus! Just stop! Dear Christ, let's jsut get back to the game, you mofos!"- Cartman. " I'm tired of strip poker, I wanna play bingo!"- Mr. Rogers "Oh bingo is no fun. I wanna play strip poker with you Mr. Rogers"- Miss Piggy. " Keep your pants off Mr. Rogers, you pork chop! He's mine."- Legalos

"But I saw him first."- Nightcrawler. " Nightcrawler, you aren't even gay!"- Legalos. " So i jsut want a friend."- NightCrawler. " We are all your friends."- Everyone. " Really?? I feel so loved." N.C. "Well we better be off, anyone see Rogue?"- Bobby " UM,I think she went to Gandalf's place."- Storm. " Why? She was suppose to meet me for lunch."- Bobby. " Face it man, she's not coming. Why don't you just take me instead?"- Blair Witch. " The answer is in the question, Blair."- Iceman. After shedding a few tears, the Blair Witch left the party. Feeling rather guilty, Iceman drowned his sorrow in a glass of spiked punch.

" Well that was refreshing."- Iceman. " I see that is was."- Logan. " Woah, where did you come from?"- Iceman. " Behind the counter, you know you shouldn't be drinking, it impairs your mind."- Logan. " Then why are you?"- Bobby. " Because I am more trained."- Logan. " Well that sucks."-Bobby. " Hi Bobby. I was looking for you, Hermonie wanted me to help her with mind tricks." Rogue." I was worried about you Rogue!"- Bobby. " Well now that, that was an orgasmic bliss of love. Bobby and Rogue come with me to meet the master."- Logan.

"If the master means what I think it means Logan, then I am going to hvae to pass. I've met the Master already and I am trying to put it all behind me, in the past."-Bobby. " Then I'm not going either."- Rogue. As Bobby and Rogue make out furiously, Logan looks around sadly for someone to meet his master.

"Oh, Ariel!!"- Logan. " Logan!"- Ariel. " What are you doing here?"- Logan " Visiting Rogue, she asked me to come."- Ariel. " Why???? You know u aren't safe here."- Lorgan. " I know but she said it was an emergancy."- Ariel. " Rogue come downstairs right now."- Logan. " < Rogue and Bobby come downstairs > "What is it?" Rogue and Bobby ask. " Why did you ask Ariel to come to the school, you know it’s dangerous for her to be here.”- Logan. “ I heard she could help me with my powers, so I could control water if I needed to.”- Rogue. “ You won’t need to, I’ll protect you.”- Bobby. “Aww, Bobby.”- Rogue.

“ Let’s have sex!”- Rogue. “ Oh No, not again!”- Logan. Logan once again felt like the 3rd wheel. To make himself feel better, he decided to go hang out with the 3 charlie’s angels. “ Ladies! Care to make my sorrows float away like last time?”- Logan. “ How would you like us to do it?”- Alex.

“ Anyway you would want to do it.:”- Michael. “ I thought you were still at Crashdown!”- Draco. “ Oh no, I traveled this far to see my man Bobby!”- Michael. “ Well now that we have saved the world once again from our passionate lives let’s head towards China to save those Asians.”-Logan. “ No, they don’t need out saving.”- Freddy. “ That’s true, I don’t like going all the way to Asia just to save some Chinaman.”- Logan. “ Let’s go to Disney World instead!”- Jason. “ Alright, it’s a plan! X-men, hobbits, wisards, killer people, Mermiad slut let’s go!”- Logan.


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