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i decided to post this here just to share

well i had a wild and crazy dream last night!!
Like all these classmates of mine were kidnapped by these crazy guys and they kept us in this woody place. basicall we had to keep quiet about most stuff or you would "disappear" or they killed you and everyone else would have to throw your body or what was left of it on this circular pile. after a lot of people were dying off we gathered flowers and put them around the circle of people and let it on fire. Thats when i met this super great guy and happenly enough his name was travis. looked like him too:) lol. anyway yeah so we started dating but it was more hush hush bc the guy people might get mad but everyone at the camp knew. then a couple months later travis dissapears and i am like where could he be. i fiqure he was killed so i just mourned a lot. then one day a captain of his comes and says he escaped and tried to come back for me but couldnt or he would have been killed. so i decided i had to go to him. we had a meeting that night with the bad guys and i got my courage up and as soon as the head guy was about to ride off i kicked him off his horse, got on and set out for travis. evidently travis' captain got word and told him so he went looking for me and when he found me , i was pretty beatin up. so he took me back to his place which he found out was an abdandoned castle. i got better and we lived happy and very happy. so this dream was mighty scary but it ended up good:-) except when my friends kept dying off.
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