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this is from morgan

[Unknown LJ tag]morgan's application [24 Mar 2005|07:57pm]

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Name: Morgan Katrina Lotz
Age: 15
Sign: aquarius
Location: my basement
Hobbies: don’t know
Song: barbie girl- aqua
TV Show: CSI, one tree hill
Band/Singer: Josh Groban, Maroon 5
Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean.
Magazine & Book: Seventeen magazine book… I dunno
Food & Drink: I like water… food would be something like chocolate
Candy: sweet tarts
Store: American Eagle
Clothing Item: skirt
Make-up Item: eyeliner
Jewelry Item: hoop earrings
Clothing & Make-up Brand: Clinique
What Would You Do If
...your boyfriend cheated on you? Cheat on him. (all is fair in love and war) broke a nail in the middle of the day? Pull out my nail file
...your skirt got caught in your underwear and alot of people saw? Umm it’s happened a lot. i try to laugh it off your period without notice? Call my mom to take me home... that's like the best get out of school excuse
...we rejected you? I would cry and start my own club! jk
Your Style
Post a picture of your normal every day outfit. It can be you wearing it or images off the internet. Top, bottom, and shoes are all you need.
More About You
You are given $1000 to spend on girly items ONLY. Where do you go and what do you get? Screw that I would buy a hot tub
Where do you see yourself 15 years from now? I’d be 30….. umm probably a hot husband and a kid
What's the meaning of your screen name? Centralchic2290- I go 2 central, im a girl, and my birthday and MissgreenMnM08- miss cuz im a girl. GreenMNM cuz they make u horny and my graduating class
What do you do on the weekends?chill
Post a picture of someone you think is girly (be creative...NO Jessica or Paris!): fabio!
Why do you want to be a member here? Cuz megan made me one
What makes you girly? (and don't half ass this)- I have a vagina and am fully capable of PMS. And I love shoe shopping
How did you find us? megan [Unknown LJ tag]
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